fall from heaven

by g.e. stinson

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elegiac chamber songs, laments & chansons d'amour


released December 15, 2016

g.e. stinson - vocals, guitars, strings arrangements



all rights reserved


tone drop Los Angeles, California

tone drop is textural electronic and electro-acoustic composition by g.e. stinson.

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Track Name: fall from heaven
merge with cloud above the trees
tumble in the skies
love the feather of the wing
in morning dew baptize
from this fountain made of wind
the echo of our cries
we are the many (chorus)
we are the one
we lift ourselves
toward the sun
did we ever walk the earth
trapped by gravity
ten thousand moments came and went
nesting in the tapestry
shell of pearl to nurture birth
in the strength, fragility
we are the many
we are the one
we lift ourselves
toward the sun
and when our day is done
each will fall from heaven
raindrops hanging in the air
the traces once that we were there
drifting darkness and the stars
refuge of the night
the soft lament is uttered here
song as candle is to light
day will scatter sacred sound
and here we will reside
Track Name: ghost sanctuary
one day these rooms will be a ghost sanctuary
all that will remain will be the echoes of our lives
one day our love will only be a memory
traces of a moon that linger in the morning sky
all the beauty in the darkness, the laughter and the tears
the radiance of stars sequined on the black of night

an end of days will come in spite of all embroidery
the shadows' open arms embrace the dying light
aching in the heart when spirit is a refugee
faces of the ones which time will steal from sight
all the sorrow and the gladness, raindrops shatter in the sun
from incandescent eyes the murmur of the tides
Track Name: broken light
weaving shafts of broken light
she laces tears beneath the moon
pulling fragments from the deep
darkness of the fallow root
clandestine sounds upon her lips
intone the soft forgotten tongue
ghost of fragrance breath and kiss
urge the heart to come undone
tinder withers into ash
nurture spark to soon ignite
no other voice could so invoke
scorch to black the starry night
enfold the hand to heal
murmur heart to shine
kindle flame to light
veil of the divine
trace the arc of dying sun
fasten shadows to the skies
sustenance of rain and cloud
the earth to wander in disguise
whispers words into the gloom
dream of oceans in her eyes
enfold the hand to heal
murmur heart to shine
kindle flame to light
veil of the divine
Track Name: number the days
trembling in the air
the fragrance of instinct
draws us together
caressing the wings
the delicate wind
invisible tether
senses are stirring
enticing us near
fragile endeavor

number the days
soon to descend
yield to the night
move to amend
surrender, return
release and ascend
given to morrow
promise to tend

hostage to the light
a luminous call
unknowing deception
exquisite return
that which remains
to future discretion
Track Name: anny
photograph of angel
number four one three
born the second day of june
nineteen thirty three
fingerprint of ghost
eyes where blue begin
gold of tangled tresses
rose and porcelain her skin
fragile tender delicate
signature of innocence
anointed in a sorrow
as oceans are immense
lips and tongue will fail
now the tears commence
photograph of angel
daughter of laments
Track Name: render
movement of the wind
the birds ascend to drift
shining beam of sun
bending down to kiss
clay beneath my feet
blade of bleeding green
impatient eye of beast
gift of the unseen
rivers flood my gaze
hollow sky within
all is beauty here
the stillness and the din
alchemy of cloud
tender on my skin

heaven here below
earth above the sky
tide now turns the moon
oceans fill my eyes
blind to what i see
deaf to all of sound
searching inside out
little to be found
fill these empty hands
mend the damaged heart
lay among the fallen
sheltered in the dark

night becomes a chamber
where the stars are hung
language of the light
dripping from my tongue
folded in the flames
secret words are sung
calling down the rain
when our time is done
Track Name: shattered
know the day will come when i fall
there will only be one cause
shattered heart
broken heart
disregard the certificate
the only evidence legitimate
shattered heart
all the delicate creatures know
from the fragile teardrops flow
shattered heart
broken heart
trace the path of a drifting ghost
final symptoms will diagnose
shattered heart
broken heart